Knightdale horse owner on alert after encounter with wild dogs

KNIGHTDALE (WTVD) -- A close call with wild dogs on the loose in Knightdale has prompted one horse owner to take extra precautions to protect her animals.

Heather King, the owner of Castle Farm on Tommies Drive, said one night last week around 10 p.m., she heard barking outside her home and discovered two aggressive dogs had her 6-month-old colt pinned in a corner.

"It was very scary," said King. "I really expected when I went out there that he was gonna have blood all over him, cuts, and bite marks. That he was unharmed really surprised me."

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Only a few days before the incident, at another home a couple of miles away on Forestville Road, an eyewitness captured video of dogs running under a fence and threatening another horse.

Wake County Animal Control officers told ABC11 they have set traps and caught six dogs; three have already been euthanized due to aggressive behavior, one was sent to a rescue in Holly Springs, and two more are being held at the shelter.

While one of the dogs can be seen in a photo wearing a collar, officers said none of the dogs had ID tags and they don't know who they might have belonged to.

Until all the dogs are captured, King said she's bringing her colt and ponies inside stables at night, for safekeeping.
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