Hot Sugar Pop: Fort Bragg soldier, reservist husband create popcorn business

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- With the flip of a switch and the right ingredients, Hot Sugar Pop comes alive in a Lillington kitchen.

"It became pretty popular. We were just making it and giving it away," said owner Tiffany Glass. "Willis used to always say, 'I can't wait to smell the sugar popping.'"

The popcorn business started nearly a year and a half ago by the Glass couple who are active-duty military. It's all thanks to their oldest son Ty who has 17 different food allergies.

"The other kids could bring chips and pretzels. Popcorn was one of the foods he could take. We started popping popcorn at home learning ways to make it healthier," said Glass.

They tried different flavors out and even brought the sweet treats to work. Before long, they had orders to make not just for their son but their coworkers.

"They would ask for so many bags for the next day. That started the late nights. We popped all night to fill whatever orders come in," said Glass.

The popcorn craze on Fort Bragg created increased demand for the family which translated into big business they never imagined.

"We have multiple wholesale accounts now. Different stores approached us asking if they can sell the product. We are using this facility now and then we're transitioning to the mall," said Will Glass.

The pair are taking their entrepreneurship lessons learned to Fayetteville State University to help the College of Business students prepare for the industry.

They have 13 flavors in eight local businesses plus a new shop opening next month in Cross Creek Mall.
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