Tropical Storm Jerry, Tropical Depression Karen, Tropical Storm Lorenzo are all churning in the Atlantic Ocean

Three tropical systems are brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, none of them currently threaten the United States.


Tropical Storm Jerry has sustained winds of 65 miles per hour and gusts up to 75 mph. It is headed north but will turn slightly to the east. That turn will put Bermuda in the crosshairs.

Jerry is expected to hit Bermuda on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The storm will bring heavy rain, strong wind and flooding to the island nation.

Jerry will also cause some strong rip currents on the US East Coast.

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As of the 5 p.m. update, Karen has downgraded to a tropical depression.

Karen has maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour and is headed north and will continue to do that through Saturday when it turns west toward the United States.

The good news is the same area of high pressure that will keep North Carolina dry through the week is also expected to help push Karen east and away from a continental US landfall.

The storm is expected to remain a tropical storm as it passes across the Caribbean this week. Gusty wind and heavy rainfall could still cause problems for the islands in its path.


Tropical Storm Lorenzo has formed just off the coast of Africa. The system is expected to become Hurricane Lorenzo by mid-week.

It is too far away to confidently predict its ultimate impacts on the United States, but early indications keep this system out in the Atlantic Ocean as well.

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