Past lessons learned, Fayetteville hospital prepares for Dorian

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Hospitals are busy ahead of what's expected to be a hectic Thursday with Hurricane Dorian nearing the Carolinas. Cape Fear Valley health officials told ABC11 they are putting the lessons they learned from past hurricanes into action.

"Our emergency operations plan is developed into several different layers," said hospital EMS director CPT James Bullard. "Downed power lines and trees can impact our staff being able to have access from their homes. We start sheltering employees so they're here on-site and ready to go."

It is all hands on deck. Trucks come days in advance to restock meals and supplies for patients and staffers. The emergency department has more than 100 beds.

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"We had people coming here that were out of oxygen or they were on a generator at home and didn't have power," said Bullard.

Behind the hospital sit three 8,000-gallons-of-water storage tanks. During Hurricane Matthew, the hospital lost its water supply for days.

Hospital officials say take extra precautions during the storm.

"First responders come off the road when winds are 45 mph, and if they aren't out there, people should not be out there," Bullard said.
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