'Hurricane Dorian Jeep' going on tour after getting stuck at Myrtle Beach

The red Jeep that went viral for getting stuck on Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Dorian is going on tour.

The owners of the Jeep said they weren't happy when they saw the car get destroyed, but they're making the best out of it.

The Jeep became one of the more light-hearted stories from Dorian. One video from the beach showed a bagpipe player playing "Amazing Grace" as waves crashed into the vehicle.

Somehow, the Jeep was recovered and stopped from going out to sea. Police found the car locked and abandoned in the surf. It was towed away after the hurricane passed.

The tour started at Sparkle Car Wash in North Myrtle Beach on Saturday and will be at victory lane at Charlotte Motor Speedway in October. Part of the car wash's proceeds from the day will go towards the GoFundMe set up by the Jeep's owners for Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas.

Full tour details haven't been released yet. The hope is for the Jeep to travel an entire year.