Hurricane Dorian: Mandatory evacuations along coastal regions turn I-95 into major escape hub

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- As Category 4 Hurricane Dorian approaches the eastern coast, residents across several states are taking the trek up north to avoid its devastating winds and flooding.

Interstate 95 is the major evacuation hub for drivers; many of them, passing through Cumberland County during their travels.

Longtime Florida resident Richard Preston and his wife took a break at a Cumberland County rest stop on Monday afternoon. The retired couple lives in Brevard County and chose to see their daughter this week in Maryland.

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"We're retired. So we have the luxury of doing that," Preston said.

The couple has seen their fair share of hurricanes but this is the first time they've left the state.

"In general, we've just, most of the time, just hunkered down," Preston said.

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Meanwhile, others closer to home had their vacations cut short because of the incoming threat, including Nashville resident Connie Turner.

Turner and her family were visiting her sister in Myrtle Beach for the Labor Day weekend. But with the evacuations in place, they chose to get a head start back home.

"Cause we figured, you know, it was going to be a lot of traffic and everything, but we had no idea on 95. That it was to be like it was," Turner said.

She and her family ran into heavy traffic, as thousands of others had the same idea.

Preston and other Floridians that ABC11 spoke to off-camera hope for the best outcome for the sake of the lives at risk and homes in danger.

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