Hurricane Dorian derailing Labor Day trips for local families

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Last year, a Fayetteville family left for Florida before Hurricane Florence, couldn't get back and got stuck in South Carolina. As Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida, they're staying put.

"On long weekends, we like to go down to Jacksonville and go out to the coast on the boat and go fishing," said Felicia Fox. "But with Dorian coming in, it kind of took those plans away."

The Foxes left before Hurricane Florence but couldn't get back and got stuck in South Carolina.

"I-95 was completely flooded," she said. "A six hour trip took us 12 hours. We were able to go down for Matthew but we couldn't get back because a lot of 95 again was flooded."

For this storm, they're staying put.

"Our concern was trying to get back to get out of Jacksonville and get back to Fayetteville," Fox said.

Several airlines including American, Delta, Southwest and JetBlue are offering flight waivers for flights heading to Florida or the Caribbean -- that way you can rebook for free.

Contact those airlines if you have travel plans
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