Hurricane Florence worries survivors of Hurricane Matthew

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sarah and Jessie Crump from Lumberton are feeling the pressure to make a decision before Hurricane Florence makes it debut in the Carolinas

Do they stay or go?

"We're wondering if we should leave in the morning and go to Winston-Salem with our Children," said Mrs. Crump.

But her husband wants to stay put.

"As a man of faith, I still think God will protect us," Mr. Crump stated. "We're truly going to ride it out."

Clearly, a house divided with a decision like this is not easy to make in these final moments before Florence strikes.

This is the couple's second showdown with a hurricane in less than two years.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated their entire neighborhood on Spearman Street.

"We had four feet of water in the house," Mr. Crump stated.

Nearly every home on the block was destroyed.

Many of the survivors were forced to live in FEMA trailers, including the Crumpsc, for about eight months until they found an apartment.

"All the people are just at different places. Some of the people we haven't seen since the flood. We don't know where they are," stated Mrs. Crump.

According to county officials, Hurricane Matthew left four people dead and 750 people in Lumberton are still displaced.

For people like the Crumps who may ride out Florence, the county will set up five shelters and enforce a curfew.

This powerful storm is stirring up old memories, fear, and uncertainty.

"We're praying that it's not going to be the same," stated Mrs. Crump. "We're praying that we can rebuild and go back home."

Shelters will open at 8 a.m. Thursday at the following locations:


  • Lumberton High
  • Purnell Swett High
  • St. Pauls High
  • Fairmont Middle

If you need a place for your animal, St. Pauls Animal Shelter will accept dogs and cats free of charge, but they will only service animals with certifications.

An 8 p.m curfew goes into effect Thursday night.