Hurricane Florence: Power outage tips and resources

Hundreds of thousands of residents in the Carolinas are without power as the remnants of Florence move inland. Check out these ways to stay safe during a power outage and hacks to keep in mind during the blackout from AccuWeather:

How to stay safe when the power goes out during a hurricane

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When the electricity goes out during a storm, avoid downed power lines. Power lines hidden in floodwaters can also pose an electrocution risk.

What to know about generators before a power outage
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A power generator could come in handy during a blackout and could even keep hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling.

Preparing for a long-term power outage
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AccuWeather shares the best way to prepare for a long-term power outage.

How to keep food safe during a power outage
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If you lose power, follow these steps to keep your refrigerated and frozen food safe for as long as possible.

Hurricane hacks: Food in the washing machine and more
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Before a tropical system hits, take a look at these hacks to store food and other things.

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