Former UNC linebacker comes to aid of New Bern, his hometown

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Friday, September 21, 2018
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Former UNC and NFL linebacker Kevin Reddick is coming to the aid of New Bern, his hometown.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Former UNC and NFL linebacker Kevin Reddick lives in Virginia now, but New Bern will always be home. So when the images of Hurricane Florence's destruction began flashing across his tv screen, it wasn't long before he felt compelled to act.

"I went straight to Facebook because that's how I keep up with everyone back home. As I'm kind of watching different stories and different people post addresses to come and help save people, that's when it hit home. This is real."

As real as it gets, and so is Reddick's connection to home. "Family, friends, cousins, all of that."

That's why he couldn't just stand by and watch from the safety of Virginia.

"I called my best friend Vince, I'm like 'yo - we gotta do something. As soon as we can get on the ground running, we gotta make a difference, we gotta help out.'"

So that's what Reddick is doing. He reached out to Larry Fedora for help, not for money, but for water or Gatorade, whatever they could provide. The program responded. All 85 players on the dressed roster for Saturday opted to donate their gameday per diem to Reddick's effort, an amount that exceeded $1,200.

"This is my family. It's wonderful to see them come together and take care of me, which is what they've done since I came here," Reddick said.

This is just the initial trip Reddick is making. He's hoping to meet immediate needs this weekend, then with money raised via a GoFundMe, return with more extensive care packages in a couple weeks time.

"I'm just going in with a clear mind and willing to serve and to help bless others," Reddick said.