Downtown Wilmington businesses deciding to open or close

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ByAna Rivera via WTVD logo
Thursday, September 13, 2018

As conditions begin to worsen in Wilmington, businesses are faced with the decision to stay open or close ahead of Hurricane Florence.

One of the last businesses open is Gourmet Market. There was a steady stream of people coming in and out of the store. It's open for business and it's full of last minutes supplies many people are still looking for.

The manager of the store says she's experienced hurricanes before and she knows what to expect. Her plan is to stay open for as long as they can.

"I just want to serve the community and if I can give someone encouraging words not to freak out then I'll do that as well," said Donna Stamm, Gourmet Market manager.


Also on Front Street in downtown Wilmington, Chop's Deli did make the decision to close early.

But because the storm has been downgraded, the owner says he wishes they would've stayed open longer.

"It's been a bummer that there's been a lot a doom and gloom saying it would be a category 4 or 5 earlier on this week and now we're looking at a category that's like nothing at this point," said Brad Corpening, Chop's Deli owner

It is important to remember that even though the storm has been downgraded, officials are urging you to stay prepared because this storm will likely still pack a major punch.

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