Hurricane Florence preps: After searching all day, they finally found generators in Garner

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Generators were the hot item ahead of Hurricane Florence.

GARNER, NC (WTVD) -- Forget displaying these boxes of generators on the store shelves, these generators went straight from the delivery truck to customers' cars.

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"I could retire if I had a bunch of truckloads of generators," said Brian Edwards, manager of Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Garner.

At $480 a pop, customers at the store took a number at the door; then stood in line -- all for the peace of mind of having power in their homes if Hurricane Florence knocks out the electricity.

Glenda Johnson has never had a generator before. The prospect of Florence's powerful winds knocking down trees and power lines finally pushed her to make the purchase.

"Because in the past, I always wished I had one," she said. "So now, I'll have the opportunity to see what it's like."

Two years ago, Hurricane Matthew knocked out power to 1.5 million Duke Energy customers. And the company says Florence-related outages could be worse.

Surprisingly, the hunt for a generator was not some Black Friday-style free-for-all, at least not at the Lowe's.

"Not only are (customers) not running over each other, they're really helping each other, helping each other load, holding each other's spots in line. It's been really fantastic to watch," Edwards said.

In Durham on Tuesday, it was a less peaceful scene as customers at a Walmart pushed and shoved to get water bottles and other supplies.