Investigators seek to determine relationship between Durham man and 17-year-old murder suspect

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- Questions have arised over what kind of relationship 32-year-old Stirling Clark had with 17-year-old Deiontra Taylor, the main suspect in his murder.

Newly released search warrants have indicated that after Taylor was arrested, he told detectives the two met via a social media site, and arranged to meet up at Lakeview Elementary, five miles away from Clark's home.

Investigators said surveillance video at the school may have captured the interaction.

Clark's family said that Stirling had a girlfriend who is heartbroken over what happened.

"As far as I know my brother was not gay," said SayKwan Woods. "It doesn't matter if my brother was or not-he still didn't deserve to lose his life."

Last month Clark was found dead in his home off Torredge Road in North Durham.

Court records showed the victim's roommate reported hearing gunshots coming from Stirling's bedroom and later found the suspect running away from the home barefoot.

Deputies arrested Taylor a short time later.

"We just can't get over this," said Emma Council, the victim's aunt. "He didn't have to do that at all. He didn't have to kill him."

These are various items detectives seized from the home:

  • Bullets

  • Marijuana

  • White powder substance

  • Electronics

  • Multicolor wig.

The family said they will fight to have these new revelations removed from the public record.

They said the details are disrespectful to Clark's legacy of being a kind and giving person.

"It doesn't matter what was said. What was done. People are going to have their opinions regardless," Woods said. "I believe I am going to get justice. If I have to take it upon myself to get justice for my brother. He will have justice."

The family said that they are living a nightmare; they lost their grandmother two years ago and now Clark.

The suspect is in custody facing first-degree murder.
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