Ironman North Carolina concludes in Raleigh

Tri-Athletes nationwide flooded downtown Raleigh Sunday morning in attempts to take home the gold.

Jackson Laundry of Guelph, Ontario seized gold for the men's division. Laundry crossed the finish line with a winning banner in hand and let out a victory shout.

"I'm sad to see this race will not be here next year but I'm really happy to win the last one," Laundry said.

The first, second, and third place finishers in the women's division celebrated with a champagne shower at the podium.

30 athletes qualified to participate in the 2018 Ironman championship in South Africa.

Athletes competed in a 70.3-mile course that included running, biking, and swimming.

Fans lined the course, some of them also athletes.

Robert and Ashley Mayhew are from Wendell and compete in half marathons.

"Ironman always puts on a great race, so it's been a lot of fun watching," said Robert. "I think it's really impressive to watch these and see how they do it," Ashley added.
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