Triathlete injured during Ironman

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Hundreds of triathletes crossed the finish line Sunday after swimming, cycling, and running a challenging course for Raleigh's second Ironman Triathlon.

"It was fantastic!" said Jenny Lizer, a triathlete from Charlotte. "It's one of the most beautiful. The bike was a little hard. When it got hilly it got windy, too."

Athletes had to complete a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13-mile run through the heart of downtown Raleigh.

Some people cruised to the finish line. Others admit: it's a tough course.

"I tell you, the older you get, that run gets you every time!" said Frank Fawcett, a runner from Charlotte who celebrates his 50th birthday next week. "It's hard!"

"Well I'm 47, soon to be 48, and I'm like 'go for it!'" said Kelly Dail, a triathlon fan. "I'm excited! He looks great for that age!"

The athletes competed on a gorgeous day, with temperatures in the 70s and just a bit of a breeze.

"It's getting warm, but the breeze was really nice on the run - kept it cool," Lizer said.

At least one triathlete had trouble on the cycling route. A car hit John Segerstrom on New Hill Holleman Road.

State troopers charged driver Sheila Morrison with careless/reckless driving.

Segerstrom, who had serious injuries, went to Wake Med for treatment. While he recovers, most people at the finish line focus on those who cross the line victorious.

"This is very exciting for Raleigh so I just wanted to come down and see what's happening," Dail said. "This is very inspirational!"

Inspirational for everyone watching, especially triathletes now planning for next year's Ironman.

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