'Greatest Christmas ever': Triangle women deliver gifts to Fayetteville family with deaf mother

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Christmas tree inside the McMillian household is decorated with dozens of gifts sprawled underneath.

Wearing her santa hat, 9-year-old Jakayiah McMillian's endless curiosity is getting the best of her. She can't wait to open them.

"I think this will be the greatest Christmas I ever had," said McMillian. "I see beads, braids and bath bombs. It's just amazing to have all these presents underneath our tree and almost filling up half our room."

The child captured the hearts of several ABC11 viewers after they watched our story.

A group of women from Morrisville pledged to donate Christmas gifts to the family and on Sunday they delivered. They drove from the Triangle to Fayetteville bearing gifts.

Group of women gather to donate to Fayetteville family with deaf mother, young girl

"It's so much. I don't even think I can keep track," said Jakayiah's 12-year-old brother Patrick McMillian.

"All the other Christmases we had little presents and not much because mom's money wasn't enough," said McMillian.

It was an emotional meeting with tears and all. If you wouldn't have never done that we wouldn't have such a good Christmas. Now I'm just happy we're one big happy family," said McMillian.
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