Off-camera hobbies: John Clark teaches the Bible at Providence Baptist Church on Sundays

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- You're used to seeing John Clark partnered up with Barbara Gibbs every weekday morning at ABC11's studio in downtown Raleigh, but on Sundays, he is in a much different place.

We recently traveled to John's Sunday morning hangout, Providence Baptist Church.

John is a life group co-teacher. Basically, he co-teaches one Sunday and his friend, Gordon, teaches the other Sunday.

And on those Sundays, he meets with a group of adults to talk about and teach about messages in the Bible.

"I love the Bible," John said. "It's impacted me more than I can say. I find it a source of inspiration, encouragement, hope. You need a lot of that today!"

But John hasn't always lived a holy life.

Big Weather asked what 20-year-old John would say to today's John.

"He would be shocked!" John exclaimed. "Not only that I go to church regularly, but that I'm teaching on Sunday morning. He would be absolutely shocked, and say 'That's is not me!"

But it is him today, and he likes teaching Sunday school because he sees something amazing in those ancient words.

"I just see God's love, poured out to us, through his word, and I just find it intensely fascinating and a wonderful source of encouragement," John said.

And even after 20 years of studying the same book, he continues to read and teach it because it's just so fascinating.

As a matter of matter of fact, the more he studies it, the more things he finds out he doesn't know.

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