'Not guilty by insanity' ruling sparks anger over 2012 Durham killings

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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Accused gunman in 2012 killing not guilty by reason of insanity

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- John Turner, who owns JT Tire in Durham, says every Friday since 2012, he remembers pulling up to the shop and hearing gunfire.

"By time I walked in the gate, my mom comes running downstairs and she's pale as a ghost," he recalled. When Turner walked to the area by the floor jack, he found one of the victims dead.

"He's laying face down, pool of blood all around him," said Turner. "I see a Mexican guy that's crawling to the back of his vehicle that had been shot."

Turner is infuriated that a judge just found the shooting suspect, O'Brian McNeil White, not guilty by way of insanity.

White was originally charged with two counts of murder.

"I know he did and he knows he did," Turner said. "We're the victims, but they make it out to he's the victim."

Two people were hurt and two others killed in the shooting, including a customer who stopped by the store for a quick repair.

Turner said it was all because of $3,000.

"Somebody can just come in here and decided they want to rob the place and get money and there's no remorse, there's no punishment, there's not anything that would change them coming back," Turner said.

When White had his first court appearance years ago, he was seen walking into the courtroom smiling and blowing kisses to supporters from his church at the time.

White's pastor had said he believes the tragedy could have been avoided had White received mental health treatment. White is now being committed to the state's psychiatric hospital.

"If you're deemed crazy or mental incompetent and a danger to society, he shouldn't be allowed back out," Turner said.