Durham church family thrilled for friend and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The historical victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is being celebrated by local faith leaders and congregations.

It was in August of 2019 that then presidential candidate Kamala Harris stepped inside the St. Joseph AME Church in Durham for a Sunday worship service.

Now, the leader of that church and family friend of the now V-P elect, Dr. Rev. Jonathan Augustine is expressing the jubilation his congregation is dwelling in this Sunday.

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"Excitement," Dr. Augustine said over a Zoom interview. "A belief in an America that is inclusive and embracing of all."

The excitement is personal for Reverend Augustine in terms of Vice President-elect Harris. They share a mutual alma mater in Washington, DC.

"We were a few years apart at Howard University, but we are family friends."

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Harris, a 1986 Howard University graduate, is the first woman, the first Black and Asian person, and the first HBCU graduate to be elected to the VP post.

"Knowing her character as I do, you will see her reaching across the aisle, you will see her leading by example," Reverend Augustine said.

Meanwhile, the church continues to embrace social justice.

"In my read of the scriptures, both the old and new testament are replete with what I would call social justice scriptures."

In the months and days leading up to November 3, St. Joseph AME, along with other churches in the area, encouraged voter registration and participation in their Souls to the Polls event.

As for when and if we will see the Vice President-elect to the Triangle - "She's always welcome in Durham, that's for sure. The people of St. Joseph love her. The people in our community love her. She is always welcome."
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