Historically Black fraternities urge eligible NC voters to get active during this year's election

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Sunday, October 18, 2020
Historically Black frats urge eligible voters to get active this year
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Members of the Greek organization known as the Divine Nine encouraged North Carolinians to participate in early voting during this year's election.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- With just over two weeks left until Election Day and big crowds predicted at the polls, there's rising interest in early voting.

Eyewitness News cameras rolled Saturday as members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity led a group of voters to an early voting location on Wake Tech campus parking lot.

Their mission, Michael Brown said: "That we get together and show the importance of voting, to make sure our voices are heard, that we are represented in the actual election process.'"

Brown and his fraternity brothers, members of the Greek organizations also known as the Divine Nine, are part of a movement that's urging eligible voters to participate this fall.

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"There is so much division, and I think that division sometimes comes from our elected leaders," said Brown. "And we have to make sure we put the right people in place, who are going to make sure that they represent everyone."

Also in Raleigh, a caravan of big motorcycles drove home the same message near another early voting location.

Marcus Bass of Advance Carolina told ABC11 what he shares with people who are contemplating a skip of the opportunity to make their voices heard.

"You understand what's a stake," he said. "You know if they don't see you out there at the polls and there's an element of intimidation, that's gonna keep people from voting. So realize the power that you have and what y'all are doing this morning. There's a lot on the ballot!"

Brown says their ultimate goal, while much of the nation wrestled with social and real-life options for crowds, is @Bring the country together, bring the state together. So we can all work in tandem."