After Kate Spade's death, fans share what storied designer's work meant to them

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
After Kate Spade's death, fans remember designer's influence
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After Kate Spade's death, fans took to social media to discuss how her work impacted their life.

In the wake of renowned fashion designer Kate Spade's death, fans of her work and her namesake brand took to social media to discuss what Spade's handbags, shoes and other products meant to them.

Many fans spoke of the confidence they felt wearing Spade's designs and the aspirational quality of the brand, Kate Spade New York, which served as their first foray into luxury goods.

"Kate's designs made women everywhere smile and feel beautiful. What a loss," political strategist Tracy Russo wrote.

Others sounded off on the offbeat, whimsical look Spade's designs came to be known for, remarking that they had finally found a brand in which they saw themselves.

"Kate Spade gave weirdos, like me, a bag that made matched their quirky personality," wrote Baylee Raya.

Taxicab flats, a typewriter-inspired minaudiere and a tote bag with a camel stood out amongst fans as some of the more memorable designs from Spade and her namesake brand.

Spade launched her company with husband Andy in their apartment in 1993. Her original lines incorporated six shapes of bags that she thought every working woman needed. It created a smash. From the original boxy handbags, she expanded into shoes, luggage and other accessories, as well as a home line, stationery, and three books.

Though Spade sold Kate Spade New York in 2007, her aesthetic continued to influence the brand's designs well beyond her departure. Spade and her husband later started a new handbag company, Frances Valentine.

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