Lawsuit expected in Raleigh man's 'humiliating' incident with police last summer

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Friday, August 14, 2020
Lawsuit expected in Raleigh man's 'humiliating' incident with police last summer
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Lawsuit expected in Raleigh man's 'humiliating' incident with police last summer

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A lawsuit is expected in the case of a Raleigh man who had a humiliating and tense encounter with police last summer.

Raleigh police responded to Kazeem Oyeneyin's North Raleigh home--in a predominately white neighborhood--last August after this friend accidentally tripped the security alarm.

When officers arrived, they handcuffed and detained Oyeneyin as a suspected burglar while he was still in his boxer shorts.

Oyeneyin has called it "one of the most humiliating experiences" of his life.

Security camera footage from that day showed the officer arrive to Oyeneyin's unlocked front door.

"Hey, if you're inside make yourself known," the officer yelled from the doorway, his service weapon drawn.

"All I heard was somebody screaming downstairs," Oyeneyin said. "So I grab my firearm because I don't know what's going on. And I run down the stairs and it's a cop."

"Hey come out with your hands up," the officer yelled from the door.

Oyeneyin, who has a concealed-carry permit, told the officer he had his firearm in his hand. The officer responded, "Drop the gun! Drop the gun," and Oyeneyin immediately put the weapon on the floor.

But the incident didn't end there.

"Ok come out here. Come out for me," the officer yelled.

"What you mean come on out? I got on my drawers!" Oyeneyin yelled back.

The incident continued to escalate as Oyeneyin was ordered to put his hands behind his back and get on his knees.

"We got a 4-4 alarm here. I got an open door. I'm trying to make sure," the officer said.

"I just talked to the alarm people! I just talked to the alarm people!" Oyeneyin said.

The tape shows at least four other Raleigh police officers arrive on scene. With Oyeneyin in handcuffs, wearing just his underwear, he was escorted outside to a waiting police car.

"What have I done wrong? I haven't done nothing wrong," he said.

Raleigh police released a statement last year that said, in part: While the subject indicated he lived at the residence, the officer had no way to safely confirm the validity of the statement or check the residence for additional persons until other officers arrived on scene.

Based on all available facts known to the officer at the time, the resident was detained until additional officers arrived and his identity could be confirmed. The resident was detained for approximately 7 minutes while his identity was confirmed.

Oyeneyin's attorney held a news conference on Friday and said he's planning to file a lawsuit next week against the City of Raleigh and the four officers involved.

"If that officer would have followed the constitution and the laws set forth by the Supreme Court of this land, he should have never came into contact with Mr. Oyeneyin on that date. Mr Oyeneyin should've never been force to stare down the barrel of a gun," attorney Desmond Andrade said.

Andrade said they're looking for legal compensation and that they've been willing to sit down with Raleigh police to sort it out, but that has not happened.