Keep costs down while keeping cool

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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Tenants forced to live without air conditioning

The heat index is expected to reach temperatures over 100 this weekend, and even if you're staying cool by staying indoors binging on Netflix, you're sure to feel the effects.

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"The Duke Energy system is ready for the high temperatures" according to spokesperson Grace Rountree. "Whether it's summer heat or winter cold, our system is designed to handle the demands of customers in North Carolina."

As consumer energy use climbs in summer months so do people's power bills. So ABC11 asked Rountree about ways you can keep cooling costs down even on the hottest of days.

She has some simple tips everyone can adopt to conserve energy and keep summer costs down.

  • Be sure to turn off ceiling fans in rooms you're not using or when you go out. They cool you off when you're in the room but running them all the time uses energy unnecessarily.
  • Dirty air filters cause your cooling system to work harder, so make sure to change your filters at the recommended time.
  • When you're home, set your A/C at the highest comfortable setting for you and your family. Bumping your thermostat up just one degree saves 5 percent in cooling costs.

Duke has lots more ways to save money will keeping cool on its website, including how to shop for energy efficient products and how to get an energy home inspection.