Once an Enloe student, woman is now an assistant football coach

Bridget Condon Image
Friday, July 13, 2018

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Keshia Smith began her journey at Enloe High School back in 1994 as a freshman. Now, 24 years later, she's back at the school as both an educator and the newest member of the Enloe football staff.

Smith joins the team this year as the wide receivers coach.

Smith said she's always loved football. She played flag football in Raleigh and learned a lot more about the game, inspiring her to want to coach.

Coach Ken Blocker said he believes the times of the sport being just for men is done. He said the main goal as a head coach is finding coaches who can relate to the young athletes and make an impact in a positive way - things he sees Smith doing.

"When Blocker came on staff, we met, we talked and he was like, 'Hey, have you thought about ... 'and I was like no,' and he was like 'well, I want you to come on,'" Smith recalled.

Smith said she thought Blocker was joking around, but he assured her that he wasn't.

"My goal as a head coach is to maximize my players' ability," Blocker said. "So no matter who's able to get that out - I need that out."

Smith hopes to inspire not only young girls but the students she interacts with.

"I look at it that this is not about me at all, it's about the kids," Smith said. "This is why I'm in education - to help these kids figure out life. And so what they're learning off the field, they're putting it on the field with just commitment, hard work, dedication."

Enloe opens the season playing host to Triton on August 17.