8-year-old nearly dies after pencil stabs him from backpack

WELLINGTON, Florida -- A freak accident with a newly sharpened pencil almost cost a third-grader his life.

Kolston Moradi said he felt something odd going into his arm when he sat down with his backpack minutes before he was about to be dismissed from Equestrian Trails Elementary School.

"I put it in my backpack and whenever we were going to the dismissal room and whenever I sat down it hit my artery," said Moradi.

Teachers rushed to help the 8-year-old after noticing the blood gushing from his arm. The pencil had poked his artery.

They applied pressure to the wound until paramedics arrived. A paramedic said the pencil would have killed him if they hadn't stopped the bleeding.

Kolston was taken to the hospital and was back at school the next day.
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