Kroger's fuel rewards program to expire, future uncertain

With the recent announcement of Kroger stores closing in Raleigh and Durham, along with it will go the store's fuel reward program.

The program allows shoppers to save money on gas by reaching certain incentivized criteria based on where and how they use their Kroger card.

Once the stores close in mid-August, several of the existing locations will eventually become Harris Teeter and Food Lion stores.

According to a store representative, customers who take advantage of the store's fuel reward program have until June 30 to accrue points and July 31 to redeem those points.

Once Kroger stores close for good, "Fuel points can be redeemed at Harris Teeter fuel centers," the representative said.

"There's nothing I can do about it," said shopper Sal Diaz. "Just roll it."

For others, news of the fuel program sunset is felt much more. "I shop here for a family of 7," said mother Tara Leibert. "So it's not that I'm trying to spend more, I automatically spend more than everybody else. Because I'm getting those gas points, that's a bonus to come here. Not only are the prices better...but I also get all these gas points so I can save on driving this family around."

Harris Teeter told ABC11 fuel points earned at Kroger can be utilized at Harris Teeter fuel centers and can be redeemed in 10 cent increments up to $1.
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