Weather slowing down Raleigh roadwork, causing more delays

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Getting stuck in traffic has become the norm for those who drive along Leesville Road in Raleigh.

"It's a nightmare," driver Jeffrey Hall said. "Every morning trying to find another way around it, but just seems like there is no quick way. You might as well add 30 minutes. It's always backed up."

Those types of backups are what the $5.6 million widening project is meant to alleviate. The construction will expand the street from two to four lanes with a center divider.

When construction started almost two years ago, the roadwork was slated to be completed in the beginning of September.

Then it was delayed to mid-December, then the end of the year, and now the City of Raleigh says the project won't be completed until after Jan. 1.

The President of Devere Construction, who is in charge of the widening, told ABC11 in the past that the weather is to blame.

However, John Boyette with the City of Raleigh says there have been a variety of reasons for the delays, but wouldn't expand on those reasons.

He did say they expect the project to be completed mid-next week because of this week's rain. And with the potential of more rain in the forecast next week, the project could be delayed yet again.

"You can't help Mother Nature. That's the number one factor," Hall said.

But drivers say the wider road will make the current hassle worth it.

"It's bothersome, but I look at the bigger picture," driver Jeremy Blair said. "We're getting a really nice road and when it's done it will be fabulous. Delays happen in construction."

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