Coach Cares: NC Central coach gives guidance to local bullied teen

DURHAM (WTVD) -- NC Central University's basketball coach LeVelle Moton took a teen, who had been a victim of bullying, out to lunch Thursday.

Jasmyn Holland is a cheerleader at East Chapel Hill High School, and she almost took her own life last month.

Moton said he was scrolling through Facebook when he saw our ABC11 story about the local teen who tried to kill her after being bullied.

"It struck a chord with me because I have a 6 year old, and I used to be a high school teacher," Moton said. "So I know the problems that these teenagers of today go through and it's quite different from ours."

ABC11 covered Jasmyn Holland's story when it first happened. Her mom found the teen unconscious after she took almost a dozen pills in an attempt to end her life.

Holland told us she felt like everything was closing in on her, and the bullying she faced made her feel like it was all too much to bare. She shared a powerful message for other's about bullying.

"Just be aware of what you do because you can push people over the edge," Holland said. "You just have to have consideration."

Holland said she's doing much better. She was all smiles Thursday as Moton picked her up and treated her and her mom to lunch. Moton offered Jasmyn a message of hope.

"Her job is to love herself and be on this earth and live her purpose as long as she can and find her calling," Moton said. "I'm going to help her do that, and hopefully other people can see this story and get involved."

Moton said one of the most important things any teen who's facing bullying can do is to reach out to their guidance counselor. He says he still talks to his high school guidance counselor to this very day.

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