Raleigh neighborhood takes to their porches for Saturday night social hour

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Historically, the term "cabin fever" was reserved for sailors.

Amidst the COVID19 crisis, however, the fever pitch is emerging as a common complaint.

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Jonah Kaplan reports live from Raleigh's Oakwood neighborhood

"I think everyone is just terrified because there's so much unknown right now," Lisa Adamo, a Raleigh mom, said. "I think everyone coming together and showing up for each other, showing up for the neighborhood right now, is really important.

The Adamo family lives in Raleigh's historic Oakwood neighborhood near Downtown. On Saturday, dozens of neighbors planned a "night out" on their porches to break the monotony of social distancing.

Initiated by Raleigh Village East, "Howdy Neighbor Night" invites Oakwood residents "to come outside, each on our own porch, balcony or front yard to wave to neighbors, make noise, bang a pan, sing or play a musical instrument."

The Adamos are all in.

"Every day it's the same thing," Jason Adamo tells ABC11. "Feeding ourselves, feeding our daughter, going for walks."

Jason, a musician, has taken his talents online, while also balancing child care with Lisa for their daughter, Brooklyn.

Though they want to limit Brooklyn's screen time, Jason and Lisa concede it's a big challenge. Using video chat technology has been a big help to connect with family and friends, but the Adamo are adamant that virtual communication is no match for being there in person.

"Being in 3D with them, being able to touch them," Lisa says. "Having my mom hold my daughter, having my dad hold my daughter, having his dad come over for dinner. It's just nonexistent at this point."

Oakwood is not alone in trying to boost morale in the neighborhood; Claremont South in Chapel Hill is now lined with balloons at every home.
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