'It was a terrible sinking feeling': Garner business owner reacts after latest theft

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Garner business owner is preparing to file a police report after surveillance video captured two teens stealing merchandise from her store.

"Every bit of merchandise you see in our store, I have paid for out of my pocket personally. So when you are stealing from off our sales floor, you're basically taking money right out of my pocket," said Jessica Throneburg, who owns Little Details, a boutique.

Around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon, two girls with book bags entered the store. Employees noticed them acting oddly, huddling with each other and then walking in separate directions.

One camera caught one of the girls grabbing a bracelet, ripping the tag off and tossing it. Moments later, the other girl appears to grab lip balm from a display. When staff checked inventory later, they found two empty boxes of jewelry, which each retailed for more than $50.

"It was a terrible sinking feeling. When we found the tags yesterday, I think that's when I kind of lost all faith in humanity," Throneburg said.

The boutique, located in Garner Towne Square, has had hundreds of dollars of merchandise stolen in separate incidents, which she explained adds up quickly.

"If we don't have an item in our store, we can't sell it. So when you steal from us, you're also possibly impacting our employees, by possibly cutting their hours down the road," said Throneburg.

In 2017, ABC 11 featured Throneburg in a story about her charitable donations, but even they may be affected by these losses.

"If they're stealing money out of my pocket, I don't have as much money to give. So that's what frustrating for us," said Throneburg.
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