Little Drummer Boy Challenge has players avoiding the classic Christmas carol

Avoiding hearing Christmas carols is about impossible during the holiday season, and that's the idea behind an interesting game.

It's called The Little Drummer Boy Challenge. The idea is to see if you can make it from Thanksgiving to Christmas without hearing The Little Drummer Boy song.

The game starts at 12:01 a.m. Black Friday and runs until midnight on December 23rd.

The rules for the game are very simple. You have to not hear the song The Little Drummer Boy anywhere -- on television, in a movie, on the radio or even in a store. This includes any parody, any interpretation including a small sample of the song. If you recognize the song, you're out.

The one caveat is that if someone intentionally tries to get you out of the game by playing the song, they are immediately eliminated and you are still in the game.

One group even set up a website, Facebook page and official reporting form for players interested in the game.
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