'Live Championship Wrestling' brings family entertainment to Franklin County

ByDearon Smith and Jeremy Adkins via WTVD logo
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
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Pro wrestling comes to the capitol city!

LOUISBURG, NC (WTVD) -- The popularity of professional wrestling is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

WWE's Rusev told ABC11, "It brings young children to their grandparents, it brings everybody in front of the TV."

Fans flock to arenas across the world to get a glimpse of their favorite WWE superstars every night of the week.

"It's like a Broadway show every night," said former WWE Tag Team Champs The Usos.

But you don't always have to wait for the big names to come to town; another place you can satisfy your need for pro wrestling action is up in Louisburg.

"Live Championship Wrestling" is a new wrestling promotion that focuses on an old-school feel with an emphasis on fun for the whole family.

"I started planning this back in December, so we're at a little over five months of planning just to get to this night," said promoter Robbie Flanagan.

Some of the best local talent can be found on small independent shows like this one. Both fans and wrestlers like the intimate atmosphere of the smaller venues.

Clayton wrestler Louis Moore said "the fans can interact more with the wrestlers, and the wrestlers can interact with the fans."

One of those fans, Alan Shearin said, "You get to know the wrestlers better, they're all out talking to you, where if you go to the big show, you never see them."

Louisburg native Redman's childhood dream is coming true on this night, as he gets to team with his hero, WWE legend Tatanka.

Redman says, "He (Tatanka) represented the Native American people, you don't see too many Native American wrestlers and I feel he was one of the ones that paved the way"

Even though pro wrestling is meant to be entertainment, the risks are very real. Redman's dream match was cut short on this night, because of an accident in the ring,

"It went pretty well considering I got knocked out," he said. "I mean occupational hazard, any given night who knows?"

So what advice would Rusev give to the guys and gals trying to make it to the big stage?

"Put in work, not just inside the ring, but also outside the ring,"

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