Family owned business donates 10,000 bags of beef jerky to medical workers

LOS ANGELES -- A family-owned business is donating thousands of bags of beef jerky to frontline workers as a way of saying thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

Among the many hospitals receiving this donation is Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

"On behalf of the staff here at the hospital, we wanted to thank People's Choice Beef Jerky for their generous donation," said Alina Moran, CEO of Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center.

The donations come from People's Choice Beef Jerky, a family business since 1929."We've donated over 6,000 bags of jerky to over 30 hospitals focused here in Southern California," said Brian Bianchetti, a director at People's Choice Beef Jerky.

The business started doing this act of appreciation after they heard many frontline workers had trouble accessing on-the-go high protein snacks, according to the director.

"When we heard that we realized we had an opportunity to take what we do and the products that we make and be able to provide that to help them kind of get through it," said Bianchetti.

"The ability to provide them with snacks that are nutritious, that are to-the-go are important and really help sustain the work that we do," said Moran.

This handmade jerky business has also been able to sustain their workload during the pandemic. According to the director, they've been able to stay open since they're a food processer and are considered an essential business.

"We've received tremendous support from our local community continuing to buy our jerky from us, from our website, and they've really kept us alive and kept us going," said Bianchetti.

The beef jerky donations continue to be delivered to different hospitals in Los Angeles and across the country. In all, the business will donate about 10,000 bags to healthcare heroes across the country, according to the director.