SkyART delivers 1,000 art supply kits, virtual art therapy to Chicago kids

CHICAGO -- South Chicago-based nonprofit, SkyART, is providing free art supplies, art therapy and virtual workshops to homebound kids during the coronavirus lockdown.

"As soon as the shelter in place order was issued, the first thing we thought to do was give away art supplies," said Devon VanHouten-Maldonado, assistant director of programs for SkyART.

The first 30 free art kits were claimed in less than 5 minutes!

SkyART Founder and Executive Director, Sarah Ward, realized they needed to expand their efforts into a fundraising campaign. So far, they've already exceeded their own expectations.

"1,000 is our goal, and we've actually gotten funding to go way beyond 1,000 so what we're going to do is do repeat deliveries," Ward said.

SkyArt is committed to helping kids through art during this pandemic and beyond.

"If it's through the summer or through the fall, we'll just continue to deliver art supplies for our children," she said.

Along with free art supplies, the organization is also providing one-on-one virtual art therapy to kids in need. The nonprofit is also organizing a series of virtual arts workshops covering a wide variety of topics.

Every service and resource that SkyART provides is free to the families and children they serve.

"We still aim to be here for our kids now, in the future, and hopefully for 20 more years, since SkyART's nearly 20 years old," san VanHouten-Maldonado.