LAPD officers help 14-year-old tie his tie

LOS ANGELES -- Two Los Angeles police officers helped a concerned 14-year-old look his best for a school function in Boyle Heights.

Christopher Cazales and his single mother were rushing to get to Bishop Mora Salesian High School for orientation. He was going to be taking his picture for his school I.D. card. The nervous freshman was hoping to fit in and came fully dressed in his uniform.

He was watching online videos as they hurried to school when his mother decided they needed to ask for help. She decided to have Christopher flag down two officers who were nearby.

LAPD officers Jonathan Maldanado and Alberto Ladezma quickly jumped into action, helping Christopher tie his tie. His mother captured the simple act of kindness on camera and posted it to social media, where the photos quickly went viral.

For the two veteran officers, the encounter was about much more than just helping a teen tie his tie.

"This goes into having trust in your community and knowing that we are part of the community. That we are there to help, whether it's to tie a young man's tie or to handle a robbery that just occurred," LAPD Capt. Martin Baeza said.

For Christopher, the lesson taught him more as well, and now his outlook toward police officers has changed.

"It's nice to know that some of them are actually nice and will help," he said.
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