Dunn woman rings up million-dollar scratch-off win

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Ann Marie Ennis of Dunn is an instant millionaire after playing the new Ruby Red scratch-off game.

She decided to buy the ticket because it was new. At first she thought she won $10,000 - but when she kept scratching she realized it was much more: $1 million.

"When I saw it, my heart just fell to the floor," Ennis said. "I could hardly breathe."

Ennis claimed her prize Wednesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. She had the choice of taking a $1 million annuity that has 20 payments of $50,000 a year or a lump sum of $600,000.

She chose the annuity and received her first payment of $50,000. After required state and federal tax withholdings she received $34,631.

She plans to use the money to get a new house.

Ennis bought the $20 ticket at the Kangaroo Express on Erwin Road in Dunn.

Ruby Red 7's launched Tuesday with three top prizes of $4 million and four prizes of $1 million. All of the $4 million prizes and three $1 million prizes remain.

Story by the NC Lottery Commission

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