Many Lumberton residents still waiting on floodwaters to recede

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Monday, September 24, 2018

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- The floodwaters are receding in most of Lumberton, but some neighborhoods are still under water.

Some streets, like Hestertown Road, are under water and folks are waiting to get back to their homes.

Wayne Lindsey was able to return to his place Monday after waiting for the water to recede for more than a week.

His home sits along the Lumber River and was destroyed a second time after Hurricane Matthew.

"I just have to go through it again. I'm getting a little too old for this now," Lindsey said.

He is throwing out most of his personal belongings.

"I'm not spending any more money, any more time," he said. "I'm overwhelmed, but it could be worse. I saved me and my little dogs."

Clergy members are trying to help.

East Lumberton Baptist Church is teaming with Operation Blessing to offer hurricane victims a wide variety of services.

Residents can put in work orders to have someone fix their homes or tidy up the yard. The staff is also serving a hot lunch or dinner. So far, about 13,000 meals have been offered at this church.

There is also a spot where residents can get cleaning supplies, fresh clothes, and other necessities.

"I'm glad that they're able to be here and they're relieving stress after what we've been through," said hurricane victim Karen Lane.

"It means a whole lot because this town is actually the poorest town in North Carolina, so it a great joy to our church to serve the people and give back to in their time of need," said East Lumberton Baptist Church Pastor Mike Bowen.

The City of Lumberton is asking people who want to donate to call a hotline to see what is needed most. The number is (919) 272-5878

There are two American Red Cross shelters open in Lumberton and another in Pembroke. More than 500 people are staying there.