Baby born in unlikely spot during Hurricane Matthew's aftermath

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Baby born in unlikely spot during Hurricane Matthew's aftermath
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A Lumberton family was forced to have their baby in an unlikely spot during Hurricane Matthew's aftermath

LUMBERTON (WTVD) -- It was a surprise delivery for one Lumberton family when their baby ended up being born in an emergency mobile hospital during Hurricane Matthew's aftermath.

Sandra Simon said when her water broke early in the morning she panicked.

"At first I seen that cord, I was nervous about having the baby on the way here to the hospital," she said.

The father said he was in such a rush, he didn't even grab a shirt.

"What are you doing get out-of-the-way, where's my pants," Knox Britt said.

Simon said she could feel the baby coming and doctors from the disaster unit prepped the mobile operating room, afraid blood flow was being cut off.

"Concerned that the umbilical cord was coming out before the baby and because the hospitals operating room wasn't working," said John Roberts, an emergency physician.

"I was scared," Britt said. "I was scared for her and the child."

Simon ended up not needing surgery, but instead had the baby inside the mobile unit.

"It was exactly the opposite of everything we always trained with," Roberts said. "The cool thing is that they trained us to do just about everything and I guess that includes delivering a baby in the back of a trailer."

The baby was born within minutes - a boy, Logan Josiah Britt.

"They let me hold the baby and I knew everything was fine," Britt said.

Although it wasn't the way they expected the birth to happen, the family said they couldn't be more grateful.

"They was wonderful people and they were really nice," Simon said.

"I thank them from the bottom of my heart," Britt added.