Why is Mack Brown coming out of retirement at age 67 to coach at UNC?

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Put your best foot forward.

That's the goal at any press conference and Mack Brown certainly did that.

In his hour-long introduction on campus, Brown appeared confident, comfortable and, more important, genuine.

So why does a Hall of Fame coach come out of retirement at the age of 67?

"We've looked at different opportunities over the last few years and Sally and I would sit down and it didn't seem to be the fit. I asked Sally two years ago where would we go. She said, 'I'll coach with you, I'll travel with you three different places. I'll go to Hawaii, I'll go to the Bahamas if they start football. Or I'll go to Chapel Hill.'"

Here's the financial breakdown of his five-year contract. Base is $750,000. $2 million in supplemental compensation. Nike kicks in $200,000 and Learfeld pays him $500,000 for being on the radio show.

Mack and Sally met while he was a coach in Chapel Hill and they have a house in the North Carolina mountains. So in a lot of ways.. he's come home.
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