Millbrook High School nominates special needs student for homecoming queen

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Students often 'high-five' senior Maggie Leahy as she walks the halls of Millbrook High School.

"Everybody loves Maggie," said junior Addison Harman.

Maggie has Down syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental and intellectual delays.

Maggie stays active cheering on the Millbrook High School's Elite Wildcats cheerleading team made up of students with special needs.

VIDEO: Millbrook High School's Elite Wildcats cheerleading team

"A lot of the kids don't really get seen around the school, and we're working really hard to say this is who these people are. They love being involved just as much as everyone else," said Harman.

So, when Harman was nominated for homecoming queen, she decided to cast her own nomination.

It wasn't long before a social media campaign to 'Vote Maggie' went viral.

"I've definitely had people be like, 'Hey, we voted today! We heard all about it!' Everybody just lights up," said Harman.

When Maggie learned she was nominated, she felt happy.

Maggie Leahy

"She was very excited," said Harman. "Her favorite thing was to go tell people, and she'd run up to people in the gym and say, 'Guess what? I'm on homecoming court!'"

It's the first time students at Millbrook High School have nominated a student with special needs for homecoming queen.

"It kind of took my breath away a little bit," said Maggie's mother, Lorraine Leahy. "I'm having a hard time talking about it right now. I'm just tickled for her."

Leahy has been busy helping her daughter pick out the perfect outfit for the occasion.

"She's picked the booties out and a little jean jacket, and she's pretty excited about Friday night. She can't wait," said Leahy.

Maggie is anxiously waiting to find out if she becomes homecoming queen.
If she does, Harman will be cheering her on.

"The main reason I'm happy to be on court is because I get to be on court with Maggie.

The winner will be announced during halftime of Friday night's game against Wakefield High School.

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