Gunmen robbed man after he cashed $100,000 check, Philadelphia police say

PHILADELPHIA -- An investigation is underway after a man told police he was robbed at gunpoint in South Philadelphia.

Police officers said the incident happened after the 44-year-old man cashed a check for $100,000.

He put the cash in his work van, began to drive away, but barely made it down the street before a white van crashed into his vehicle.

Witnesses said the suspects trailed the man, t-boned his car and pushed it into witness Rauodha Tlili's car.

"It's hard to believe, but it's the truth, it looked like an action movie - an action movie. 'Boom.' Hit the other van, hit my car," said Tlili.

Police said the two suspects exited their vehicle and held up a gun to the victim, grabbed his money and took off.
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