Police use Taser to get man with machete off roof of home in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas -- A man with a machete was arrested after homeowners found him on the roof of their house.

Police said the residents heard noises on their roof around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

They grabbed a ladder and found the man and then called police for an attempted burglary.

The man refused to come down, so police called in SWAT for help.

SWAT got on top of the roof and used a Taser to get him down.

When he was taken away in handcuffs, the man said, "It's crazy out here. Crazy world. Gotta get off a roof, probably going to get shot, probably gonna get killed, probably gonna see me on the news tomorrow."

Police said the man was involved in an incident earlier in the night when he pulled a knife on one of his family members.

He was charged with aggravated assault.
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