Man with purple latex gloves blamed for 3 Cary Stop and Go robberies

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A man wearing purple latex gloves and black Adidas sneakers has robbed multiple Cary convenience stores, according to Cary Police Department.

Investigators said they believe the same man is responsible for robbing two different Stop and Go stores on April 6, May 8 and June 12. April and May's robberies happened at the Stop and Go on Old Apex Road; June's robbery happened at the Stop and Go on North Harrison Avenue.

In the most recent robbery, the suspect made off with $250 in cash and cigarettes.

"This is the third time this suspect has successfully robbed a convenience store, and each time he gets a little bolder with his actions.," Captain John Szymeczek said. "Today there were customers in the store during the incident. We're hoping the public will be able to identify or provide information that aids in his arrest before someone gets hurt."

There were three customers in the store during Wednesday's robbery and the store clerk quit after the incident.

The suspect implied a weapon but did not display one.

"The danger level obviously increases, so we consider that an escalation," Szymezcek said. explaining the presence of customers in the store during Wednesday morning's robbery.

The owner of the store told ABC11 that he has had the business for 20 years and never had any major issues.

Across the street, Mike Blayz, a studio manager at Kuttin Edge, said he'll be more cautious following the incident .

"I work late hours at night, and we have a camera so usually I'm aware of what's going on. I can see all the way to the store. And I frequent the store during the day most days. So those are our guys over there, so it's definitely unfortunate," Blayz said.

Employees at Kuttin Edge met with the Stop and Go convenience owner on Thursday, as they vowed to continue to support each other.

"When you provide a service to the public, you want to make sure it's a safe environment so it's definitely unsettling," said Blayz.

Cary Police have shared pictures and video of the suspect from all three robberies, and have collected statements from witnesses.

"We have some significant, tangible leads that we're working on. So I'm hopeful that we'll have an arrest soon," Szymezcek said.

When arrested, the suspect will be charged with armed robbery and could spend up to 204 months in prison.

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Cary Crime Stoppers at (919) 460-4636.
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