Medicaid open enrollment begins with new changes

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Open enrollment for Medicaid Managed Care begins statewide Monday, and there are big changes from years past.

Medicaid is still a public program, but the State is essentially privatizing and outsourcing with the business sector.

Recipients will now have a choice between four or five health plans.

"Previously, individuals would work primarily with their doctors and did not have a health plan in place to help them manage their care," said North Carolina Department of Health and Human Service Medicaid Chief of Staff Debra Farrington.

ABC11 is being told that 67,000 individuals have already picked a plan.

Statewide, 1.6 million people participate in the program.

Officials are urging residents to make a selection within the next couple of months.

"We want them to make the choice that's best for them. Individuals who do not making a selection by December 13 will be assigned to a health plan," Farrington said.

DHHS said there will be an opportunity to change plans if you're assigned.

Open enrollment ends December 13, and coverage is scheduled to start the beginning of February.
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