Mental capacity believed to be a factor in Raleigh dealership crash

Lucama resident Karen McGlasson Harold met Wake County Judge Ned Mangum Friday afternoon to hear the charges against her.

The 58-year-old, who is currently on suicide watch at the Wake County Jail, appeared via video conferencing and flanked in court by her attorney James Little.

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Harold is accused of driving her car into the Cabriolet Motors dealership in Raleigh multiple times Wednesday evening, before driving the wrong way on Lumley Road in the direction of RDU International Airport and crashing head-on into an ambulance on the I-540 overpass.

She currently faces the following charges:

  • Felony hit and run (punishable by up to 39 months in jail)
  • Reckless driving (up to 20 days)
  • Two counts assault with a deadly weapon (up to 150 days per count)
  • Damage to real property (up to 120 days)
  • Damage to personal property (up to 120 days)
  • Two counts assault with a deadly weapon on a government officer (up to 88 months)

"I would ask this court contemplate such compulsory mental health treatment," Little said, with reference to an alternative bond, which is currently set at $100,000. Little petitioned to the court that his client be allowed a modified bond that calls for a $20,000 secured bond plus electronic monitoring. Harold would also have to submit to involuntary commitment to undergo mental health care.

"Sir, I don't understand what any of that means," Harold interrupted. Mangum jumped back in. "Hang on ma'am, your lawyer is here." The court agreed to Little's request.

Harold's alleged crimes caused over $250,000 in damages to Cabriolet Motors. The dealership's owner said the incident was caught on the building's multiple security cameras. However, he refused to turn over the footage to media outlets.

"Right now there's a number of questions we have. There is a necessity for further mental evaluation," Little said following court. "Once we get that information, we'll be in a much better position moving forward and provide additional information."

Harold's next court date is scheduled for May 10.
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