Message in a bottle sent 9 years ago from United States gets response from man in France

It may be a kid's dream come true - a man received a response to a message in a bottle he sent nine years ago.

Max Vredenburgh wrote a note saying, "I'm 10 years old. I like apples, I like the beach. My favorite color is blue. I like outer space. Please write back."

He threw it into the ocean in Massachusetts in 2010 and a man who found it on a beach in France responded to him.

"When I first read his letter, my stomach just dropped. I feel I have a higher chance of winning the lottery than this happening," Vredenburgh said.

The letter, signed by "G. Dubois," said it took nine years to cover the 6,000 kilometers that separates them.

Vredenburgh wanted to learn more about the mystery Frenchman so he shared his story on social media. It quickly went viral.

He and Mr. DuBois have since connected on Instagram.
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