NC neighborhood welcomes home coronavirus survivor after weeks-long stay in ICU

MINT HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- The COVID-19 pandemic is making us appreciate our neighbors a little more.

Maybe that's why, Mike Arim, a coronavirus survivor, got a hero's welcome from his Mint Hill neighborhood while returning from a weeks-long stay in the ICU.

Mike, who's in his 60s, waved to his neighbors while being led by a police escort. His wife, Debbie, drove him into the driveway and into the garage. Folks opened their garages, held signs, waved American flags and cheered.

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"We're emotional because we have all been praying for Mike and, everybody has been pulling for Mike and Debbie," neighbor Rita Deaver told WSOC.

Deaver commended Mike's wife, Debbie, who she said spent weeks alone in quarantine, getting updates from doctors and unable to see her husband.

Neighbors say a resilient spirit and a strong sense of faith is getting Mike and Debbie through this trial.

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"I think he's going to be fine and well help him," said neighbor Libby Tate, who wiped away tears from during the moving tribute. "Everybody here will."
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