Join this Facebook kindergarten camp for kids stuck at home

Former kindergarten teacher Megan Jessen decided to broadcast her "morning meeting' with her 6- and 4-year-olds on Facebook so other kids could tune in to her lessons.

"When I first heard all the schools were closing down I thought, 'how can I create a little more stability in my girls' lives,'" Jessen said.

She said she asked a few friends is they were interested in her sharing in online, and in just days she attracted tens of thousands of students home from school and formed the learning group, "Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten."

The Lake Bluff mom said her virtual class is a recreation of a preschool/kindergarten morning meeting.

"My kids are in it with me which sometimes makes it challenging," Jessen said. "I'm just an everyday mom, just trying to get through my life and help some people out along the way."

For more information, search for Megan's Camp Kindergarten on FB.
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