Retailers offer big Black Friday deals on Apple products

Apple products are always revealed with lots of fanfare making them very high on the holiday gift list and retailers are well aware offering deals and savings to lure in customers.

ABC11 found the best Black Friday deals on Apple products at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Target is offering a $250 store gift card for customers who buy an installment plan of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus or $50 off the price for buyers who have a contract.

Target is also offering a $100 gift card for the Apple Watch, iPad Mini 4, and iPad or a $150 store gift card for an iPad Air 2. You can also snag an $80 gift card at Target on an iPad Mini 2.

Walmart is offering deals on any iPhone in stock for Verizon or AT&T users as well as $100 savings as a credit to the bill and a $100 store gift card. Wal Mart also has $100 off the iPad Air 2 and a savings of $69 on the iPad Mini 2.

Best Buy is also running deals on Apple products including $100 off the Apple Watch and up to $125 off the iPad Air 2 as well as a savings of $200 on a MacBook or iMac.

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