Free DIY legal clinics offered across NC

Legal Aid Of North Carolina is a non-profit providing free legal help to low-income individuals across the state in civil cases involving basic human needs like safety, shelter, and income.

Because the need is great for issues like child custody, simple divorce, living wills, and health care power of attorney, Legal Aid of NC puts on free clinics across the state every month.

"The concept here is that these are relatively simple legal documents you can prepare on your own," explained Blaine Mays, Clinic Coordinator for Legal Aid of NC. "It's something you don't necessarily have to have an attorney for. So, we provide people ways to empower themselves so they can go through this process on their own, prepare to go down to the courthouse and file."

The clinics are run simultaneously across the state in about two-dozen locations, from Legal Aid of NC offices to libraries. Much of the education is done via video conferencing.

"We've got a great video conferencing system set up statewide for a fairly minimum staff cost which is the point of this," Mays said. "It's a really efficient way and effective way for us to provide help to a lot of people all at once."

Legal Aid Of NC clinics are free and open to the public, and no pre-screening is required.

Advance registration is advised. Clinics begin at 2:30 p.m. and last about an hour and a half.

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